Arto Kaikkonen appointed as a Partner starting January 1, 2017

arto_kaikkonen_300x200Attorney at Law Arto Kaikkonen has been invited to become a partner at Lexia starting January 1, 2017. Arto is one of Finland’s leading legal experts on construction, real estate and housing and has been with us since 2015.

Arto has successfully headed our Construction, Housing and Environment practice since 2015. Assignments related to these sectors require solid legal expertise as well as a deep business understanding as well as experience with actual construction and with prevailing practices in the sector.

”The construction sector evolves slowly, but lawyers must stay in the vanguard of development. In addition to the changing operating and regulatory environment, the lawyers must also be knowledgeable about stakeholder expectations. They must see the risks and new opportunities, and they must understand the interrelationship with business and risk management. This requires more than ever before. We want to be a partner for our clients and secure their interests in the evolving sector,” Arto Kaikkonen says.

Construction sector contracts and the ways in which projects are implemented have radically changed in recent years, both for new and renovation projects. Alliance construction and, e.g., areal renovation projects require the parties to have shared mindset; they also require legal expertise in the contractual and implementation phases of the projects. The next change in the sector is just around the corner: digitalization. Lexia has long been closely involved in this development with clients.

”We are proud to have a veteran expert like Arto as a partner. Arto’s experience and solid expertise have impressed us and our clients. Additionally, Arto is also a great person, so he is exactly the Lexia X-factor that we and our clients need for success,” notes Lexia’s Managing Partner Mikko Räsänen.

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