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International Networks

Our international networks enable the effective and reliable execution of our assignments worldwide. We co-ordinate the progression of our clients’ assignments in our international partner firms, whilst ensuring the assignments follow the agreed principals and quality criteria. Our international partner firms are well recognized within the field of business law.

Lexia is a member of the Meritas Law Firms Worldwide alliance. The alliance of independent, full-service law firms operates in 234 global markets and has 176 offices around the world. More than 7,200 lawyers belong to the Meritas alliance. There can be only one member from each country in the alliance – Lexia is the Finnish member in Meritas. In addition Lexia is a member of TELFA (Trans European Law Firm Alliance), comprising a variety of independent law firms, covering all European countries. Lexia has partners also in Russia and USA.




Mutual respect
On-going progression of the company and personnel

Professional Rules

“An advocate shall honestly and conscientiously fulfil the tasks entrusted to him and he shall, at all times, observe the rules of proper professional conduct for advocates." (Advocates Act section 5, subsection 1)

Lexia's attorneys are members of the Finnish Bar Association. The activities of the members of the Finnish Bar Association are regulated by the Advocates Act (496/1958, as amended) and the by-laws and the Code of Conduct of the Finnish Bar Association, all of which are available at

Only lawyers accepted as members of the Finnish Bar Association can use the title Asianajaja in Finland. The Finnish Bar Association regularly monitors the activities of its member attorneys and those working in legal firms.



Do you want to work at Lexia? We require strong expertise in law but an even stronger passion for understanding the needs of our clients. Knowledge in a wide variety of industries is beneficial, however, willingness and enthusiasm to learn and grow is mandatory. We appreciate a healthy amount of self-confidence but leave the big ego behind. We hire only team players and good lawyers.

We demand a lot but we also give a lot. We have strong insight, a promising future and a unique spirit. If you want to be at the top of the business law profession, please send us an open application to

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