Media, entertainment and sport

Media, entertainment and sport

Companies working with the media, in particular television and film, face increasing legal challenges concerning both content and public distribution. These challenges are often connected to intellectual property rights in relation to distribution channels enabled by new technology.

Entertainment and sports are areas of business, which involve personal branding and expanding its growth. We have experience in working with top athletes, athletic clubs and performing artists, as well as securing the rights of agents, producers and record companies.

There’s no business like show business and we help our clients succeed in this highly competitive area.

We assist in the following:

  • Distribution contracts;
  • Production contracts;
  • Music licensing agreements;
  • IPR protection, access rights and
  • Management;
  • Product placement;
  • Program services;
  • Sponsoring and marketing agreements;
  • Agency and management agreements;
  • Production and personal branding;
  • Tax planning; and
  • Work permits and insurance.