Ville Skinnari

Specialist Advisor LL.M., BBA Mobile: +358 40 504 8187 Tel: +358 10 4244 200
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Ville Skinnari currently serves as member of parliament in Finnish Parliament. He acts as a member of Constitutional Law Committee, Commerce Committee and Finnish Delegation to the Nordic Council. He is also a debuty member of Legal Affairs Committee.


I am a father of three children, with an entrepreneur wife. I have completed my Master of Laws (LLM in commercial law) degree in 2001 and BA Hons (Business Administration) degree in 1999.

Ability to solve clients’ problems in challenging environment is one of my core competences. This means hands-on expertise in more than just legal intelligence: strategic issues, international team building, investments and finance, i.e. all the essentials of successful growth.

Lexia Growth Programme is tailored for such clients who want to succeed with us. Our recently established accelerating programme aims to identify and support potential new growth companies in Finland. Moreover, we want to serve the foreign companies willing to expand to Russia and vice versa – from Russia to Europe and further to international markets.

I have concrete experience in various business development positions internationally. Since 1995 I have studied and worked in the Netherlands, Japan, United Kingdom, Finland and Russia.

As a former ice hockey player, sports in still important to me and keeps me going. In October 2012 I commenced my political career in the City of Lahti as I was elected to the City Council.