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Constructive legal advice

As well as being able to see the bigger picture in relation to construction projects, it is also important to see the bigger picture from a legal point of view during the preliminary planning phase. Legislation, risk management and various interlinked parties are challenges typical to the construction industry. Facing those challenges requires extensive expertise.

Lexia covers the planning of construction projects and other legal issues relating to different phases of the project, from implementation to the post-closing phase.

We offer legal advice to constructors, real estate owners, contractors, funders and consultants within different real estate development and construction projects. We also offer advice in relation to contract and construction disputes.

We assist and represent our clients in the following issues:

  • Procurement contracts and project management;
  • Drafting contracts, guarantees, warranties and negotiations relating to them;
  • Project funding;
  • Construction phase collaterals;
  • Project consultation and risk analysis;
  • Zoning and land use;
  • Dispute prevention;
  • Sales and purchases and other arrangements of real estate groups;
  • Sale and lease back arrangements;
  • Sale and purchase of real estate;
  • Litigation concerning real estate industry;
  • Various rental agreements;
  • Legal due diligence investigations related to real estate transactions; and
  • Litigation relating to contract disputes.