Corporate law

Corporate law

“The purpose of a company is to generate profit for the shareholders”
– Limited Liability Companies Act,
Section 5

We take this statement seriously when helping our clients succeed.

We offer the best solutions throughout the various phases of your company’s lifespan, from founding to restructuring.

We offer our clients our expert experience and insight, together with our extensive network of professionals from different branches of the business world. We aim to be our clients’ strategic partner, generating a substantial competitive edge with expertise in business law.

We help our clients succeed by supporting them in their ability to operate the following:

  • Consultation and documentation relating to company law;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Mergers, diffusions and other changes in company structure; and
  • Board and shareholders’ meetings.

Associations and foundations

Although associations and foundations differ from companies, they too can be successful when targeting good results. Success equals fluent
operations, good reputations and
functioning relations in connection to other

Our team at Lexia have experience and expertise founding and managing associations and foundations. We understand the meaning of taxation
issues and relationship to stakeholders
and the public sector.

In operations associations
and foundations transparency is essential and is required by officials, investors and
donors. Transparency ensures legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Lexia offers its clients the forth sight to see the bigger picture, enabling your organization to focus on its core functions with peace of mind.