Data protection


Requirements relating to data protection are increasing

The importance of data in business is constantly growing. The EU’s data protection regulation taking effect in spring 2018 introduces new requirements for the processing of personal data, requirements that must be taken into comprehensive consideration within an organization. The factors related to data protection often are not seen as a whole; rather, the tasks related to them are dispersed within a company to marketing, IT, legal affairs, product development and human resources administration.

Our data protection service helps to utilize data innovatively and supports business comprehensively. We offer a range of services – from one-off analysis projects to full-scope, ongoing servicing. We provide data protection mapping, risk assessments, and recommendations for actions. In mapping IT systems and technical data security, we also engage the expertise and tools our collaboration partners.

Examples of our services:

Current-state analysis and development plan

We map the company’s existing data protection practices. Based on the analysis, the company can identify the data security risks of the business operations. Action plans can be made on the basis of the report and thereby bring predictability to resourcing and operations.

Development and documentation of processes

We document processes and internal guidelines (e.g. preliminary recognition of data protection in product and service development, preparation for information leaks, checklists, document templates) and we assist in their introduction.

Preparation of data protection practices

We compile clear data protection practices/write-ups with consideration to the company’s data use needs. Likewise, the status of terms of use in relation to data protection issues can be assessed.

Agreements and data transfers outside the EU

We review service and supplier agreements and other agreements related to the processing of personal data. We also prepare the necessary data protection appendices. We help to integrate evolving data protection legislation into outsourcing agreements. We can also help in the renegotiation of various agreements. We review the processes and documents required for data transfers occurring outside the EU/EEA.


We offer broad-based training for personnel or we can provide shorter info briefings on specific areas of data protection.

Data protection support and Data protection Help Desk

We help data protection leads to ensure that the obligations of the data protection regulation are factored into the company’s operations. The Data protection Help Desk can provide answers to specific questions.

We turn risks into opportunities.