Dispute resolution and insolvency

Dispute resolution and insovency

The right move at the right time

In order to stay competitive, your company should be ready to solve conflicts quickly and effectively, which often requires the assistance of an external company. Having a skilful partner, who knows your business and has the discretion to solve the conflict in an optimal manner, ensures the best possible outcome for your business.

When conflict arises, it is necessary to reach an amicable solution between the opposing parties. This requires exceptional negotiation skills, the ability to make circumspect decisions and a winning attitude.

Sometimes, however, conflict resolution is unable to be readily resolved and a litigator, who not only helps solve the issue effectively but also prevents new problems from arising, is required. In dispute resolutions we aim to minimize the negative effects of the conflict on your business, your customer relationships, your working environment and your personal life.

We specialize in the following areas of dispute resolution:

  • IPR litigation;
  • Marketing law issues;
  • Competition law and public procurement;
  • Real estate;
  • Construction;
  • Insurance;
  • Labour law;
  • Damage compensation law; and
  • “White collar” defence.