Ict and technology

Solid legal advice is built upon commercial feasibility and in-depth industry knowledge. At Lexia we know the law, but also know and understand technology and what makes the client successful in their business.

All ICT projects are equipped with risks and in any contract negotiation there is opposite views and interest between the parties. An experienced and skilled lawyer will know the relevant market practice and will be able to quickly evaluate the risks involved. We work closely with our client and give practical advice in the context of the client’s industry. We guide our clients to the focus in negotiations on the matters of real importance, and not to get lost in the details or legal jargon.

We at Lexia have a track record of serving clients both as buyers as well as suppliers of IT services. Our lawyers have extensive international experience in large scale IT system deliveries as well as complex IT outsourcing. We advise clients on all phases of their transactions, from strategy development through final contact negotiations and implementation. Our team includes several years of in-house counsel experience heading the global legal support for the IT function of a large Finnish multinational corporation in the mobile phone industry.

At Lexia, we closely monitor the development of the industry and its legislative requirements. The rapid changing of the business environment, together with regulation based restrictions, can easily become obstacles for new and successful businesses, if not paid attention to. We give our clients the competitive edge by offering solutions to the legal challenges brought by the changing business environment e.g. in the software and gaming industry as well as in content production.

We work for our clients’ best interests in:

  • All areas of strategic IT sourcing and procurement;
  • Information technology outsourcing;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Mobile device applications and systems;
  • Electronic commerce;
  • Industrial Internet;
  • Agile software development;
  • Data protection and regulatory issues;
  • Digital media and content licensing;
  • Development, licensing and maintenance contracts; and
  • Contract disputes.