Successful outsourcing relies on an open relationship were the parties work collaboratively rather than competitively. The customer should however maintain competition and transparency to maximize its sourcing options as well as minimize the contractual barriers to exit.

The outsourcing market is moving to the direction that certain outsourcing activities become commoditized. At the same the providers are introducing new offerings and technologies. In IT outsourcing virtualization has been reducing costs and cloud based solutions have emerged to the market. In the future, more and more emphasis will be placed on the services descriptions, SLA’s, flexibility requirements and these will be driving contracting. Deals will be output-priced rather and resource-priced.

Our lawyers have more than 10 years of experience in advising on some of the most complex outsourcing transactions, including domestic and international large-scale IT infrastructure, application development and maintenance as well as business process outsourcing. We have developed our own templates suitable for outsourced services.

We advise clients on all phases of their transactions, from strategy development and bid preparation through final contract negotiations and implementation. Our expertise covers also advising on contract management issues, retendering, exit planning as well as insourcing.

Our outsourcing expertise covers:

  • IT infrastructure outsourcing
  • Application Development & Maintenance outsourcing
  • Business process outsourcing