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Starting up a company means turning a great idea into a successful business. In order to succeed a company needs at least a value creating business idea, sufficient financial resources, skilled employees, motivated sales force, a good business plan and a strong legal strategy to protect the business. While running a business the founders and leaders of the company must address many legal issues and navigating the legal jungle might feel overwhelming without the right tools.

As the company is developing its product or service, it is important to explore the legal issues related to the product and market environment to avoid wasted R&D resources. Some business areas are heavily regulated, others rely more on market standardization and soft law tools, and other fields might be relatively non-regulated. Depending on the business, certain production or data security standards might be required, and the earlier these requirements are taken into consideration, the better equipped the company is for the competition.

In addition, to traditional business law services Lexia offers the Lexia Growth Program (LGP), for supporting new potential growth companies. LGP includes growth-oriented elements that are coordinated and provided by Lexia or by our exclusive partners.

Our expertise covers among others the following:

– The establishment of a company
– Drawing up corporate by-laws and other company documents
– Partnership agreements
– Funding rounds and negotiations with venture capitalists
– Advice on national and international distribution issues
– Publishing agreements
– Privacy policy
– Incentive schemes
– Employment contracts and director agreements

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